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Unique Manufacturing has been selling to the hospitality industry since 1987!!

Unique Manufacturing offers 26 tabletop disposable product lines that are  different, unusual, colorful, distinctive, unique, functional, & most importantly -
I N E X P E N S I V E !

This web page will show you why we are different

Unique Manufacturing offers an exceptional variety of tabletop disposable items and pricing that is the lowest in the industry

Tabletop presentation is a vital element to the success of any hospitality location. It does not matter if you are a single location or a chain with 300 restaurants


Study after study shows that a hospitality guest is looking for something different and a memory of their visit. This industry is constantly looking for something different, something to set them apart from the competition and to keep a customer happy and hopefully bring them back. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a BIG difference


With our 26 unique (and functional) product lines, Unique Manufacturing does just that and helps you leave that needed “memory” for as little as a penny!

 Below are examples of how we can change the look of the tabletop, leave the customer with a positive memory of their visit with you and help your sales grow. This is what Unique is all about

Crayons are Important

We make it easy with several options and LOW pricing

Click here to view our stock crayons, or click here to view our inexpensive custom printed crayons

Beverage Presentation Made Easy & Unique


Beverage marketing is becoming a priority for all locations selling both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Frozen drinks are proving to be a major opportunity to increase drink sales and profits.  This beverage segment is growing.  We can show you how to grow it faster and with little or no cost to you Yes, at no cost to you

Implementing a conventional comprehensive beverage marketing program is time consuming, lengthy in the planning process, expensive to roll out and it may not work.
Our beverage marketing program will save you time and money,
and is guaranteed to work.

The individual photos below show 2 beverages. The glass on the left shows how the average beverage is served, a straw and a garnish. The glass on the right shows what we can do to your presentation value at NO COST TO YOU! (see below the pictures)

Look at the difference our chenille and foil picks can make for you...


    Let’s say the beverages on the left side of the photos are $6 frozen drinks.  Our in-stock Chenille picks and Foil picks have a price point of 2.5¢ to 15¢. Sliding the chenille or foil picks into the beverage straw takes seconds. Pricing for the $6 beverage is now increased to $6.25 or $6.50.  Great presentation and a few extra cents for you

    Foil picks work great with desserts as well

    Using our chenille and foil picks will generate guest comments such as- “Wow, look at this” or “I’ve never seen this before” or “Can I take this thing home?” or “What a nice touch

    (In the 10 years that we have been selling chenille and foil picks, we have never had an client call to say that the customer complained about the price increase and we sell hundreds of thousands of these picks annually)

    Burgers and Sandwiches With Flair!

    Unique’s custom printed flag food picks, printed on high gloss paper, are a functional burger and sandwich pick and a great marketing tool all rolled into one pick. We can print your logo and a marketing/ selling message to help promote bottom line sales, all for a little more than a penny. The real cost: deduct the 3 or 4 tenths of a cent cost of a 4” frill pick from our flag pick cost and our custom printed flag food picks are a real deal.

    Even a paper parasol can be UNIQUE!

    Go to Paris, France or Paris, Texas and you will see the exact same beverage parasol
    design in the glass (pictured lower left).

    We say – BE DIFFERENT

    Unique stocks several DIFFERENT parasol prints and sizes to give your drinks a “unique” look. We can also custom print a paper parasol

    The ultimate country club, golf resort, or sports bar
    burger and sandwich pick

    In 2007, a major golf resort came to Unique to ask if we could do something different- provide a pick that would be unique for their 5 golf related restaurants....We did!!



    We stock a food safe, 4” hard wood golf tee to make a “double eagle” presentation in any golf related food and beverage facility

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