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Unique Manufacturing has been selling to the hospitality industry since 1987!!


The sun never sets on Hard Rock Cafe'.  Thanks to Unique, the flags used to top every Legendary Burger served around the globe mark the quality associated with Hard Rock.  It's not easy getting products to 130 cafes in 52 countries, but Unique works with us to ensure the inventory is ready when we need it where we need it.  It's one of the world's most recognized brand marks, and we don't take it lightly; neither does Unique, which is why we trust them to produce our flag picks.

                                    ~Chris Jones, Hard Rock Corporate Operations, Florida


I am the director of purchasing at a large private club in S.E. Florida. I have purchased a large variety of Unique Manufacturing's goods over the past three years and am highly satisfied with their quality, timely deliveries, and pricing. It is easy and a pleasure to buy from this company!!!

                                                  ~Jeff Mather, Director of Purchasing, Florida

We own Le Croissant Catering in Salt Lake City.  We've been ordering from Unique for several years.  Their quality and their pricing makes them a valued partner in the catering business.

                                          ~Kelly Lake, Owner, Le Croissant Catering, Utah

I wanted to let you know that we received our latest shipment of chenille drink picks.  I must tell you that not only do they look great, but our guests absolutely love them.  You would not believe how often we have kids pulling their parents into our restaurant specifically because they remember that we are the location that puts the "really cool drink picks" in all of our kid's beverages. They're truly a small price to pay for a great marketing tool!

                                         ~Steve Kraft, Director of Operations, Kokomo's Island Cafe,
                                                                                   Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN

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