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The items you see listed below are the product lines we carry in-stock

Please check our custom printed items for information on how we can help brand your company on each and every one of your tables or catering occasions

 Bamboo Items

Knotted Picks
Knife Picks
Beaded Picks
Flat Skewers *New sizes
Round Skewers
Double Prong Picks
Double Loop Picks *New sizes
Traditional Tongs
Bamboo Forks

Other Wood Items

Golf Tee Picks
Black Willow Picks
White Paper Frill Picks
Wood Bowls
Wood Cones

 Plastic Items

Prism Picks *New sizes
Unique "Theme" Picks
Arrow Picks
Glass Clips
Beverage Stirs

Flag Picks

Country Flags
Other Flags


2 Crayon poly bag *New
3 Crayon poly bag/box
4 Crayon box
4 Crayon poly bag *New

Foil & Chenille

7 styles of Chenille Picks
6 styles of Foil Picks
 Upscale Napkins

Air-laid paper napkins
Pocket Napkins

Napkin Bands

15 solid color choices
3 Mexican style choices


6 styles of Parasols
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