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Chenille and Foil Picks
 Chenille Picks

Chenille master cases are 2,500 picks with 50 inner boxes of 50 picks
  • Purchase the master case or by counts of 500

Chenille and Foil Information

•  Extra long and extra large for an EXTRA EFFECT

•  Our unique decorator picks are hand made and hand tied

•  We have over 80 chenille and 40 foil picks available from our factories, but only have in stock what you see in the pictures

•  Chenille and foil picks are great when placed inside a straw that's in a “signature beverage”, in desserts, on catering presentations, in center pieces, in a customer's birthday surprise or anywhere you need to create tabletop excitement

•  At an average cost of 6 to 17 cents, your customer will say “wow” or “what's that?” or “I've never seen that before ” or “what a nice touch”. In addition, it let's them take something home which adds value to a food and beverage purchase

•  If you feel a cost of 8¢ or 10¢ or 15¢ is just too much to spend, you can do what many of our customers do. Increase your $7.00 beverage to $7.25. Move your $3.75 cheesecake dessert to $3.95. Your customer will thank you for the nice touch and for letting them take something home that's “cool”. You'll never hear a price increase complaint

• Unique literally sells hundreds of thousands of chenille and foil picks annually. It's a product that has high visibility, creates customer loyalty and generates a lot of good will. And most important , sometimes it's the little things that make a BIG DIFFERENCE

•  Just one phone call with get you samples so you can experiment. See how one of your expensive beverages looks with a Monkey in a Palm Tree chenille pick placed in the straw or look at one of your desserts with a 5 layer foil pick stuck right in the middle…. Then think how your customers will react when they see this UNIQUE presentation

 Foil picks

Case packaging varies for our foil picks.  Check the shopping cart or contact us for more information.

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