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Custom Printed Flag Food Picks

High quality, high gloss advertisements, for just over a penny!

A Unique Manufacturing exclusive
Custom Printed Flag Food Picks

This is a GREAT (and very inexpensive) MARKETING TOOL!

Find our flag pick brochure with more information here
  • A great, inexpensive, functional, eye-catching tabletop item, all for just above a penny
  • This will be the first thing your customer sees and touches when the plate reaches the table
  • Flags are printed on a thick high gloss durable paper.  Resistant to absorbing moisture and grease when placed in your food items.  This isn't basic copy paper
  • Printed on both sides, and each side can be different
  • Print options are up to 5 spot colors or four color process printing
  • Stock flag shapes are 2 sizes of waving flag die cuts & 2 sizes of rectangle die cuts
  • Need a custom shape? – we can do it.  (die charges may apply)
  • Choose your pick lengths:  2.75” – 4” – 6”
Important ordering information:
  • Minimum order is 3 master cases (60,000 flags), but a significant price break at 5+ cases
  • Master case pack is 20,000 flags with 4 inner boxes containing 5,000 flags
  • Each inner box has 100 sealed poly bags of 50 flags. Shelf life is 24+ months
  • Normal lead times are 14 to 18 weeks. We can ship with quicker lead times (costs apply)
  • Please call for details

 Flags As Ads

A “Unique” Advertising Tool 

Our Unique custom printed flag picks are a great marketing tool!
This highly visible item will be immediately noticed, picked up, and read. The samples below are examples of marketing flag picks we have done for other customers. Our flag picks will help you sell, market, and promote products and services that will enhance your

Our custom printed flag food picks are not only a functional food pick and a great way
to promote your logo or company brand, but they are a great marketing tool to help the bottom line. These close-up photos will show you how other customers have done just that.



The tried and true ideas below will give you ideas of what you can promote, all custom printed with your logo and message:

“We cater - call us” 

 Gift cards & gift certificates

“Take Out” and “To Go” programs

 A coupon for something you want to promote

 “Leave room for our special desserts”

 A percentage discount with this flag at our retail shop

“Happy hours on Tuesday & Thursday from 5PM to 9PM”

 Meeting, party, or banquet rooms are available

 A souvenir with your logo (and they will take it home)

 Promote a special up coming event

Announcing your “25th year” in business

 List your other locations
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