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We have 13 coaster paper and paper board choices to meet any need!



The great advertising and marketing vehicle...

Your sales or marketing message sits right where you want it and need it. Right in front of your guest. And it sits there the entire time they are with you.

  • Coasters are available in 13 different papers and paper boards
  • Material choices range from:
AP Coaster - Thickness of copy paper (great print options and quilted for strength. It does not shred and will absorb. A very inexpensive coaster )

Budget board
– Thickness of a business card

Cellulose – Multiple tissue layers with or w/out a wax back. Very upscale in look

Soffette – Single layer popped air paper with a quilted upscale look

Pulp Board - (Beer type coaster). Thickness choices are 35PT/ 40PT/ 45PT/60PT/ 80PT/ 90PT/ 110PT (The higher the number the thicker the coaster)

 Coaster Sizes and Shapes

Sizes- Coasters will be available in 3”, 3 ½” 4” widths and some material in 5” widths. Round and square options are available in the 3”, 3 ½” and 4” sizes (the picture shows sizes, shapes and edges available)

  • Minimum orders on custom printed coasters is normally 10,000 or 12,000. Exceptions will apply. Call for details
  • Print options range from 1 color to 5 spot colors and 4 color process*
  • We can print on one side or two**
  • We can create a special shape for your coaster***

* Process print requires a higher quantity minimum order
** Multiple colors, process printing options and two sided print are not available on all coaster materials
*** Special die shapes will require a die or mold charges

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