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Stock Crayon Options
Unique now offers triangle shape crayons

No more crayons rolling off tables!

Reusing crayons can be a big cross contamination issue. 

Kids using crayons can have coughs or colds, crayons falling onto the floor, and food/liquid/grease stains can be a big problem for the next junior guest

Unique can solve these potential issues for you!

Colors: G=Green, B=Blue, R=Red, Y=Yellow

  Triangle or Round  Colors Master Case Ct.  Inner Cartons 
2 Poly Bag  Triangle R G B Y 1,000 2 bx of 500 
3 Poly Bag  Triangle R G B 1,000 4 bx of 250
4 Poly Bag  Choice R G B Y 1,000 4 bx of 250
3 pack box   Round R Y B 1,000 4 bx of 250
4 pack box/Jokes  Triangle R G B Y 1,000 4 bx of 250
4 pack box/White  Round R G B Y  1,000 4 bx of 250
 Bulk (Loose) Pack Choice R G B Y 3,000 1 bx 750/color

- Our crayon size is nearly identical to the "well known name brand", measuring 3.5" long and 5/8" diameter.  We can special order smaller crayon sizes.  Contact us for details

- We can produce a fully customized box (poly bags will be clear) and individual crayon wrappers.  Unique Manufacturing can accommodate any type of print from 1-4 spot color to 4 color process, and you can choose your own crayon colors!  Strict minimum order of 15 cases of 1,000 crayon packages for all custom orders.  Please note that lead times do apply.  Click for our crayon brochure or our custom crayon page for more information

- Plain white boxes : if you are in need of a smaller quantity of custom printed boxes than our 15 case minimum, you can source custom stickers or stamps from various online outlets** and then place them on our plain boxes

Bulk crayons are a 1 case minimum order. It contains 750 crayons of red, blue, green, and yellow

All crayons are food safe and inspected. ASTMD 4236 compliant

- We can make a custom kid's activity set, which includes a coloring activity sheet of your design (or we can provide the artwork based on your suggestions), along with any custom crayon pack option.  Both will be sealed in a poly bag to hand out.  Minimums and lead times apply

** Sorry, but we cannot provide nor recommend a business to obtain these.  Nothing a quick internet search can't fix
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